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FAO Urges Global Commitment to Tackle World’s Nutrition Challenges

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today called on countries to put nutrition high on their national and international agendas, and to take a lead role in the upcoming Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2). The meeting will be jointly organized by FAO and the World Health Organization (WHO) in November in Rome. "ICN2 presents [...]

UK Government ploughing £600m into project to spark corporate scramble for Africa

Anti-poverty group World Development Movement attacks Government for ploughing £600m into project warning of 'corporate scramble for Africa' By  ROB DAVIES PUBLISHED:  22:01, 3 April 2014 |  UPDATED:  22:01, 3 April 2014 Millions...

The African Food Exchange Website Launches!

The African Food Exchange have launched the official website! The simple to use online trading platform transforms the lives of African farmers, connecting them to local and international markets. The African Food Exchange™ is a division of TLDE.com the global online portal for the food security and agriculture industry. The African Food Exchange allows farmers in Africa to register free [...]

All eyes on $1 trillion Africa

African agribusiness is set for a huge leap, according to a World Bank report - See more at: http://www.un.org/africarenewal/magazine/special-edition-agriculture-2014/all-eyes-1-trillion Imagine for a moment the impact of a $1 trillion African agribusiness sector on the lives of Africans. Currently worth about $313 billion, the sector already provides jobs for 70% of the poorest people on the continent. [...]

Tanzania: Subsistence Farmers ‘In Abject Poverty’

The Draft Constitution has proposed ways to improve people's living conditions especially in rural areas. Subsistence farmers live in abject poverty. Addressing members of Constituent Assembly (CA), the chairman of Constitution Review Commission (CRC) Judge Joseph Warioba said that while collecting views from people, many of them talked at length about the nation's vision. One [...]

FAO – ‘Revolution’ in Agriculture Vital to Meet Food Targets

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization [FAO] says the world needs to boost agriculture production by 60 percent to meet its estimated food needs over the coming decades. The FAO says declining amounts of arable land and fresh water resources, however, create challenges. The FAO says improving food security levels by 2050 may require [...]

The African Food Exchange Twitter Page Launches!

Following on from yesterday's announcement, The African Food Exchange has today launched it's official Twitter account, @TAFE4Africa. Twitter account here. Make sure you follow the account for the latest latest news on the online platform, the partners they are working with and how the platform is working to end hunger and alleviate poverty in Africa! The [...]

The African Food Exchange Facebook Page Launches

The official Facebook page for The African Food Exchange has today been launched. The official page will carry updates, photos and videos detailing the platform and it's news moving forward. The page can be found here: www.facebook.com/TheAfricanFoodExchange If you want to help alleviate poverty and end hunger in Africa by driving rural development, if you [...]

Improving Feeding and Nutrition in Kenya

Agricultural extension officers and health workers will now have guide books to support their services in improving nutrition and support for people living with HIV/Aids respectively in Kenya. The books, Family Nutrition and Living well with HIV/AIDS were launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. They are publication of the UN's Food Agricultural [...]